If you are troubled by memories of a past event, which can bring back the same feelings you felt at the time, and which seems to appear even when you don’t want it to, this may be a traumatic memory for you. Such memories don’t behave like ordinary memories and can cause long lasting problems such as feeling overwhelmed at apparently trivial events, or not feeling safe when there seems no present danger.

Events which leave people with traumatic memories can include physical dangers to self or others, such as a road traffic accident, witnessing someone’s death or an assault; or it can be a psychological danger such as an abusive act, bullying or conflict.

Talking therapy, which is so effective generally, is often not the solution to the problems left by traumatic events. Rewind Therapy is a quick and effective way of allowing traumatic memories to fade away so they don’t continue to affect your life here and now. It usually takes no more than 3 sessions and can be done in phone counselling as well as face to face. Here’s what one client said recently after completing Rewind in phone counselling sessions:

I was a bit sceptical – how could that work? – but it did. I can watch it and remember it, but it’s just facts, no agonising feelings, I can put it in a box, get it out and talk to people about it, and put it away again with no feelings about it.’

Rewind Therapy does not involve you speaking about the event that troubles you, this makes it easier for many people to know that they can process memories without having to go through them with another person. It can be done face to face or by phone.

If you’d like to find out about Rewind Therapy to deal with intrusive memories, please let me know that when you get in touch.