Update 21st June 2020: Coronavirus

In order to minimise contact, I’m not offering face-to-face sessions for the moment, I’m hoping to start again in early July. In the meantime I’m continuing to offer counselling by phone. More information can be found here . Please do contact me if you would like to arrange a session, or click here to book online

“It can be a great relief to share your worries and fears with someone who acknowledges your feelings and can help you find a way forward.”

When life feels hard to cope with, you want a safe place to explore what’s going on for you, a place where you know you’ll be listened to and you don’t have to pretend that everything’s OK. Sometimes you can find this with friends or family, but sometimes that doesn’t feel possible or helpful; this is where a counsellor can make a difference. I offer you that safe place, working within a person-centred relationship; this means that your thoughts, feelings and actions are accepted and not judged, and your independence and autonomy are respected.

Each client is a unique individual and so I work differently with each one, depending on your own preferences and what brings you to counselling:

  • stress and anxiety
  • bereavement and other kinds of loss, such as the end of a relationship
  • feelings of low mood, or depression
  • trauma with intrusive memories or thoughts, flashbacks or nightmares (please let me know if this is what leads to you to consider counselling)
  • personal, family and professional relationships (not couple counselling)
  • confidence and self-esteem

as well as many other difficulties which might lead you to consider counselling. I offer counselling by phone at present, and will resume face to face sessions when COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

I really value client feedback and I hope it’s useful also to you if you’re considering working with me as your counsellor. Past clients have said they have found me easy to work with, that they have felt safe enough to share things they can’t talk about to other people, and that they have felt helped and supported through our work together, so they are better able to tackle the difficult things that life has thrown at them. You can read more on the Client Comments  page.

Counselling works only if the relationship between client and counsellor works, and so I offer a first half-hour session at a nominal fee of £10,  you can see if you would feel comfortable about us working together, and ask any questions you might have. If you’d like to begin working together straight away, you can book an hour’s session instead. You’re also welcome to call for an informal chat with no obligation to make an appointment.